Can lack of sex drive me crazy?

October 09, 2017

Dear Pastor,
I am 27 years old. I am a Christian and I am a virgin. I am very active in church. Recently, my church had a womenís gathering. It was only for single women. A couple of the girls admitted that they have boyfriends. Some of them wrote down on paper that were sent around, that they have sex sometimes, although they are Christians.

Only five of us in a group of 30 wrote that we were virgins. Most of the girls became active while they were in their teens. The speaker gave a good challenge to all of us. She has been married for two years. She was 25 years old when she got married, and during question time, she was asked how she handled her temptations. She shocked the group when she admitted that there were times when the temptation was very strong and she secretly masturbated but never told her boyfriend, who is now her husband, that she did.

Some of the girls said that anybody who does not have sex will suffer from headaches and stress will kill them. A few of them even said that as women get older, they can go mad if they donít have sex.

Pastor, I know I suffer from headaches, but is it true that one can go mad if she doesnít have sex? I have a guy and he is still in school. We are not ready to get married. I donít want to discuss sex with him because I feel he would just say we should do it and I donít want to lose my virginity until we get married.

Dear G.R.,
I am sure you would not go crazy if you do not have sex. Men tell women that they will go crazy if they donít engage in sexual intercourse. I have never met anybody who has gone crazy because they werenít engaging in sex. It is true, however, that they are great benefits in having sex.

Studies have shown that to be true. However, the good Lord is able to sustain single people so that they would not do anything that is contrary to the Word of God. The Bible says that sex should be enjoyed within the bond of marriage.

The presenter at the seminar was willing to say what she did as a young woman. I think she was also trying to say that she has always been human. She was not telling the group to go and do what she did. You have done very well by remaining a virgin as a Christian young woman. However, I hope that very soon you will get married and relieve that stress that you are now undergoing. No one has ever died from lack of sex, so even if you never get married and never have sex, you will not die from the lack of it.

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