I sold myself for $50,000

October 09, 2017

Dear Pastor,
I am 24 years old and I am having a problem. I read your column often and I can see that you are a fair person, so I am running this problem by you. I am feeling miserable right now. I have one son and I am living with a man who is not my son's father. My son's father doesnít support him. I have been living with this man for 18 months. When I met him I wasnít working, but I just got a job. I promised this man that I will be true to him, but I donít love him.

Here is my problem. I owed some money and my boyfriend wasn't able to give me the money to pay off these people. All he is able to give me is shelter and food, and he pays the light, telephone and water bills.


I decided that I must get this money, so one day I got dressed in a very provocative way and went to the store. I didnít have any money to shop, but I saw men and I flirted with them and in one day, I made three dates. Only one of them did not want to come to my house to pick me up. By weekend I had $50,000.

For three days straight, I had sex with three different men, and I told all of them the same story, but the story was true. I told them that I am living with a man but I am in debt, and my man doesnít have the money to give me. Two of the men gave me $20,000 each and the other $10,000 All these men were businessmen.

Pastor, I know you are going to say that I am a bad girl. I feel bad but at the same time, I feel relieved. I paid my debt. After having sex each time with these men in a very popular hotel, I took a taxi home. I told them not to contact me, I will contact them.

The guy who gave me $10,000 wanted me to do everything. Some of the things he asked me to do, I have never done and because I told him I have never done these things, he only gave me the $10,000.

My boyfriend thinks that I still need the money, so I donít want to make him any wiser. Somebody who knows me and knows my boyfriend told him about the way I was dressed and that I looked like a prostitute. He asked me about it and I denied it. As I said, I donít love him. The man who gave me the $10,000 wants me to come and live with him and he would help to send my child to school.

My friend, who is very helpful to me, told me that I should go and live with him. I will get accustomed to doing what he wants me to do. I donít want to take my childís father to court.
Please, tell me what to do.

Dear F.W.,
You are living dangerously. You are living with a man, but at the same time you are selling sex. If you are dressing up as a prostitute and soliciting sex, you canít deny that you are a prostitute. You have no love for the man with whom you are living. You should indeed get out of his house.

You said you had a debt of $50,000 and you had to repay this debt. You didnít have to sell yourself. You could have made arrangement to pay this debt in instalments. Now that you have played the role of a prostitute, and you succeeded in earning some money that way, you are going to be tempted to do so again. And very soon many people would know that that is what you are doing to earn money.

I cannot encourage you to continue to sell sex. What I would urge you to do is to live within your means. You say that this gentleman who gave you $10,000 is encouraging you to come and live with him; that is a decision that you would have to make. But, please, do not believe that you can dig out the eyes of every older man, so to speak, and laugh at him. These men will outsmart you and kick you out of their homes.

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