My man told the court that I was his tenant

October 12, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I was living with a man, and I took the best care of him. I gave him the best to eat. When he wanted to get rid of me, he took a woman into the house, and then took me to court and said that I was a tenant in his house.

The court sided with him. I moved out of the house and a married woman has moved into the house with him.



Evidently, this man was able to prove to the court that you were a tenant in his house, and you were not able to contradict him. Perhaps when you started to live at his house you were a tenant, but then you became his lover. That has happened from time to time. Perhaps you took things for granted. Perhaps your tenancy had some sexual benefits. You might have considered him your lover, but he saw you as his tenant who met his sexual needs.

I hope in the future you will be much more careful in how you deal with your landlords. I wish you the very best in life.


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