My son is out of control

October 12, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 35-year-old man, and I have been reading your column for a long time. I met my wife at a bus stop. She was reading your column in THE STAR, and I asked her to allow me to read it before the bus arrived.

That woman and I became good friends. We have to thank you for bringing us together. We discussed what you said in the column and we exchanged numbers. But, Pastor, right now I am suffering from stress. I have two children with this woman. One of them has no manners at all and is always getting into trouble. I took him for counselling and he told the counsellor lots of lies about us. His aunt took him, and he started to steal from her, so she sent him back home. He wants to talk to his mother anyhow.

I don't know what to do, Pastor. Please give me your advice.


Dear D.B.,

If this young man does not change his ways, he will get into trouble. Perhaps what you should do is to call the CDA (Child Development Agency), and they will assist you. The matter might have to be taken to court. You should take this matter into hand. Perhaps the court would put him into a home where he would be strictly supervised. It is evident that you cannot control him. And his behaviour might cause you to do something foolish, like knocking him down, and then you would end up in prison. His mother might even turn against you and say it is because you don't like her son why you are ill-treating him. So, keep out of trouble, my brother. Report the matter to CDA.

I wish you well, brother. Make sure you don't physically abuse your son. I repeat, this boy needs help that you are unable to give him right now, but I commend you for wanting to help him so that he would not get himself into trouble and eventually ruin his life.


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