My boyfriend's brother knows I was a prostitute

October 18, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 25-year-old woman and I am faced with a problem which I don't know how to deal with. I hope you can help me. I have a boyfriend. I met him in Florida.

He encouraged me to come and live with him because he said that he loves me, and where I was spending time, I had to leave.

So, I told my friend that this guy wants me to live with him, and she told me I should go ahead because he seems to be a good guy. Everybody who knows him said he is a good person.

He asked me where I used to work in Jamaica and I told him at a jewellery store. The job was not permanent. The real work I used to do was on the street. I worked as a prostitute at nights.

Sometimes I made lots of money. I worked in groups. Some of my friends are still on the street hustling.

I have one daughter. I got her when I was 17. I don't know who her father is. I registered her in my name. Even after I was pregnant, I had to sell my body.

Soon after I got pregnant, I had to use the condom. My friends told me I should abort the baby, but I said no. My daughter is staying with my mother.




The man I am living with is very good to me. But, there is a big problem. His brother came to Florida and I went to the airport with my boyfriend to pick him up.

When he saw me, he kept staring at me, and he said, "You look like somebody I know," and I said, "Oh no, you do not know me." He didn't say anything else.

I recognised him, and later in the evening, when my boyfriend was not nearby, he said to me that he was sure he knows me, and I pretended I did not hear him.

He asked me if I knew New Kingston, and I said yes, everybody knows New Kingston, and he said that that is where he met me. I was so nervous. He told me I shouldn't worry; he wouldn't tell his brother anything.

This man and I had sex when I was on the street working as a prostitute. My boyfriend noticed that I was nervous and asked me what it was, and I had to lie to him.

This man has not told his brother that I am a former prostitute and he promised that he would never say it. I don't know if he will keep his word.

He was here for two weeks and I was wondering if he would ask me to have sex with him, but he didn't. He calls me on the telephone often but he has never said anything sexual to me.

Pastor, do you think I should disclose to my boyfriend that I worked as a prostitute? I am afraid to say it.

My boyfriend has two children with two different women in Jamaica. He said that he would marry me. I would love that. We have even started to go to church.


Dear L.K.,

I hope that going to church and listening to the gospel will make a difference in your life. I am not here to condemn you at all.

You didn't say anything about your background, except that you became pregnant when you were 17, and that you have a daughter.

I am sure that you were shocked when your former client (brother-in-law) recognised you. Perhaps he will never tell his brother that you operated as a prostitute and that he was one of your clients.

Your boyfriend's brother behaved as a gentleman. He was a guest in your house and I am sure that you did everything to make him comfortable, but you were nervous and hoping that he would not divulge that you were working as a prostitute in the New Kingston area.

It is very difficult for me to encourage you to tell your boyfriend about your life on the street. You cannot be sure that if you were to tell him he would not ask you to leave.

He may, or he may not. He might decide to marry you regardless of your past. I thank you for asking me for my suggestion, but I am afraid I have to allow you to make your own decision in this matter.


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