My man is a user

October 18, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have been in a relationship for some months now and the guy that I am with is in the police training school. He is having a relationship with another woman who is living with her babyfather.

He likes me a lot because his mother told me things that he didn't tell me. I visit him like every other day, and whenever he asks me for something, I take it with me.

My problem is, where were his friends before he was called for training? I always say that I am going to break up with him because of the other woman that he is having a relationship with.

When he gets off on weekends, his plan is to spend one day with me and the other day with his other girlfriend.

Whenever he receives his pay, he doesn't remember anything about me. He bought a cell phone for almost $40,000. He gave his mother a sum of money, but I didn't get anything, and whenever he wants something, he calls upon me. So, I am saying that he is a user.

I am confused. His mother even went as far to say she won't tell me to leave him, but I should know what to do.


Dear K.C.,

I strongly suggest that you drop this guy as your boyfriend. You have discovered that he is a user, and indeed he is. Whenever he is in need, he tells you and you do your very best to assist him. He has nothing to offer to you (I suppose, except sex).

When he gets his stipend, he divides it with his girlfriend who lives with her babyfather and his mother, and has never offered you any.

You know that this man is involved with another girl and this other girl is living with her man. You should not consider him a good man at all.

He should not become involved with a girl who lives with her man. So, I say to you, end the relationship with this young man and tell him why you have to move on.


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