My husband wants to be a pimp

November 16, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am in Florida, and my husband is living here too. But since he came to Florida, he has no time for me. He has found every friend, and he is never at home. I am older than he is, and when I told him that I can't put up with his lifestyle, he said that he is young and I am old and he has to enjoy himself.

I get nothing from this man. I told him that he should get a job. I helped him to get one, but he only stayed there for one week and left. I did not know that my husband had a babymother and she is living over here. And since he has been here, he found her.

I have children, and my daughter hates him. With all he is going on with, he doesn't have a place to go if I put him out. I am too old to have any more children, and all he is saying is that he wants a woman who would give him children, and he has two already. I have stopped giving him money. He told one of his friends that he is going to become a pimp. If they catch him, they will send him back to Jamaica.

My daughter blames me because when I was getting married to him I didn't tell them about it.


Dear C.F.,

As you can see, this man doesn't have any respect for you. He does not believe in working hard. He is hoping to live off you, and you ought not to allow that. So if he wants to play the fool and end up in prison, that would be up to him. Don't stress yourself over him. You would have lost nothing if he walks out on you.


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