How can I shrink my penis?

November 30, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 35 years old and I am having a problem with my girlfriend. Every time we having sex, she complains a lot. She even cries and says she is in pain because my penis is too large for her.

I can't stand her crying and her complaints because I try to be gentle with her. She says that she is thinking about leaving me because I am destroying her vagina.

Can I destroy her just by having sex with her? I want to know what to do. Do you know how I can make my penis smaller? I don't want to lose her.


Dear P.W.,

I can only tell you that at your age, you should know that your woman cannot handle the 'tool' you are carrying. You are too large. And men don't try to reduce the size of their penis. There are men who would do anything possible to increase their size. That is why some women say that there are certain men who are gifted and they mean that these men are very large.

It doesn't make any sense for you to try and hold on and to believe that the more you have sex with this woman, the larger she is going to become. Doctors have had to tell women to leave their partners because their men were too large. So, my suggestion is to bring an end to this relationship.

Set this woman free. I believe that you will find another woman who can 'handle' you. If you don't believe what I am saying to you, you can check with a doctor for his advice. Your girlfriend can check with her gynaecologist for advice also.

The young woman is not lying. She is telling you the truth. Find another woman and get married to her. Probably you should even have a gynaecologist check her out before you become intimate with her.


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