My man has too many babymothers

December 01, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 27-year-old American woman who has been going out for the past two years with a Jamaican man. This man has the gift of gab to talk your panties off as well as the tools to complete the job.

That is how I ended up with him. After the passion passed, I grew to love him dearly and he tells me he loves me as well. But my problem is that he has three babymothers and several females that he says are just friends.

I do not have any children and I just wonder if it would be a good idea to settle down with someone who has so much baggage.

Is it fair to him if I do not settle down with him because of his situation? And is it fair to me to want to take on so much?

Please tell me how to handle this situation.



Dear T.S

I am sure that you know the type of man you want to have as your husband. You must have certain criteria you are looking for in a man.

You say that this Jamaican man that you have been going with for two years is a big talker who could knock any woman off her feet, having her underwear off before she is even aware of what is really going on. What a man!

Evidently, you were having a ball with him until you came to your senses and started to question yourself as to whether this relationship makes sense, so to speak.

The man has his children and their mothers to deal with. He loves other women, so you must determine whether you can deal with his lifestyle.

He is not going to have a lot of money to give to you. You might have to help him financially from time to time to support these children, and you will always have to talk to his children's mothers because they will call to talk to him about his children.

So, if you are a jealous woman, you would have to learn from now to put away your jealousy. The children are going to want to see their father also, so they are going to be in and out of your house. Can you deal with that? Think about it.

I hope that you understand what I am trying to say. Don't make an issue out of this situation. You have to know what you need. Right now, you are aware that this man loves his women.

He is not a one-woman man. Make your decision. And remember that if you love him and decide to marry him, you will have to love all his children too. Can you deal with that?


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