Children should care for their elderly parents

December 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

Many children are concerned about their ageing parents and for themselves. No plans were made by their parents for their own support in their senior years.

And it has brought hardship on the children to support them. There is no money to pay caregivers. For some children, their parents are an afterthought.

Love, respect, and honour should be shown to parents by their children. Even a room or a bed in the house among family members can be a great support for the elders through good or bad experiences.

Children should take care of their parents just as parents took care of them. No one should love their husband or wife so much that they neglect to support their parents.

Hopefully, as I get older, my younger relatives will see the care given in the past and will act accordingly.

Some parents have enough money to support themselves, but as they get old, they need their children to take over and to see that they are not neglected.

Many types of health concerns are on the rise, especially for the elders, like cancer, Alzheimer's, stroke, diabetes, and cardiac disease.

We need to be prepared and remember when our parents did everything for us. As the song says, remember "Who used to wash your clothes for you, who used to hug and kiss you. "I say remember who used to change your diaper, who used to find your supper. Don't forget it was your mother and your father."


Dear P.

Intelligent children don't allow their parents to suffer. Wicked children don't care what happens to them. Some parents suffer because they never supported their children, so the children ignore their parents in their senior years.

On the other hand, everyone should prepare for old age and not rely on their children.


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