My boyfriend's family is worthless

December 13, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 32-year-old female living abroad. I had a rough life upon leaving Jamaica. I had to live in a rooming house and work two minimum wage jobs in order to go to college.

Many days, I couldn't afford to buy food and I was too proud to ask for help. I finished school seven years ago and got a good job working as a kinesiologist.

I met a guy who has a good job also. The problem is that his sister, who is 44 years old, hasn't had a job in 24 years.

She is always on welfare, and she expects her brother and me to give her money every month.

Both of her daughters, 17 and 21, have children of their own and are also on welfare. They refuse to work. They just expect my boyfriend and me to support them.

Whenever their cheques run out, if we don't give them money, the mother, the daughters, and their boyfriends go to the mall and shoplift or sell drugs. They refuse to work.

Pastor, I am tired of supporting a grown woman, her children, and their children. They make us feel guilty if we don't help them.



Dear C.H.,

You are not responsible for these adults, and it is indeed regrettable that you have to be sharing a house with them.

If your boyfriend and you are in love and both of you believe that you have a future together, both of you should consider getting married and live on your own.

Your boyfriend should do his best to assist his mother, but he is under no obligation to support everybody.

If these people continue to do shoplifting and get involved in drugs, it will not be long before they are arrested, tried, and sent to prison.

You have done well. Go back to school and further your education. My prayers are with you.


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