Young boyfriend wants to get me pregnant

December 13, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 35 years old and I am living with a man. He is younger than I am, but I love him very much. This man doesn't allow me to keep on much clothes at nights.

I give him the love any way he wants it and he is never tired. He is 25 years old.

I have three children and I don't want any more. He said that he would like a child, so he is here killing out himself trying to get me pregnant. But he can't, because I know what I have done.

I told him that if he sees another girl who would want to give him a child, he can go and I will take that baby and help him to support the child.

And, Pastor, I will do it because I know I don't want any more children. He says that he will marry me, but he wants a child.

Tell me if I told him the right thing.


Dear B.J.,

It is a decision that you have made. I suspected that you have done the tubal ligation operation. If that is what you have done, you should just tell the man with whom you are living the truth.

I don't support the kind of arrangement that you want to make with this man, because if he goes with another woman and impregnates her, and both of you stay together, it may cause problems with the relationship that you are having with him.

The other girl may try to hold on to him because she has a child by him.

As I see it, the relationship that you are having with this man is built primarily on sex. But, he is also supporting you financially to the best of his ability.

I would suggest that you discuss your problem with a medical practitioner if you know that you have stopped yourself from having children. You should not fool this man.


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