No justification for homosexuality

December 20, 2017
The Rainbow flag, celebrating gay pride, waving in the wind.

Dear Pastor,
I read your column the other day, and saw where you told a guy that the act of two men sleeping together is immoral. Seeing that you market yourself as a pastor, I take it your reference comes from 'The Bible'.

My contention is that there is nothing wrong with two men sleeping together. The notion that homosexuality is immoral cannot be founded on any real-life moral ground.

It is sad that you choose to be enslaved by a book written centuries ago, which is filled with gross impossibilities and myths of probable events.

There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

Dear T.D.,

I don’t want to waste my time to respond to your nonsensical nonsense of my marketing myself as a pastor. I must, however, address what you mentioned about homosexuality.

Let me challenge you. If the position that I have taken is from “a book written centuries ago, which is filled with gross impossibilities and myths, of probable events”, from where did you get your modern information?

You claim that “there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.” Tell me how you arrived at that position. Why should my readers abandon 'The Bible' and believe you?

You display total ignorance. Numerous studies have been done on the causes of homosexuality apart from using 'The Bible'.

These studies have been done by both non-Christians and Christians. And numerous scholars who are not Christians take the position that it is immoral.

Do you know that homosexuality was condemned in the earliest Jewish tradition? Are you aware that Masters and Johnson, whose training is in medicine and psychiatry and whose interest and research is in human sexuality, apparently have little trouble with biblical interpretation?

Before you attack me, my friend, you should study what ancient and modern scholars have written on the subject. Nevertheless, I make no apology to say that I believe in 'The Bible'.

It is God’s word. You may try to find excuses to carry on your lifestyle. That is up to you, but 'The Bible' is firm on the subject. I also believe that any homosexual who recognises that he or she is doing something wrong can be delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I wish to God that one day you will see the light and come to know Christ as your Saviour and Lord.

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