Obeah in her vagina

December 20, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am writing you about something that is resting on my mind. I came to America and I met a man.  He told me how nice he was, and he really treats me well. He even taught me how to drive and bought me a car. He told me that I should not walk so I started driving to work. I felt so happy, but I did not know that down the road I would be sorry.

This man was an obeah man. He mixes up with a lot of ‘duppies’. The first thing he did to me was to take the scent from my nose. I started having a bad scent around my nose.

Once he sprinkled me with powder when I was sleeping and I felt him put something in my vagina, but I could not get up so I had to lie down. He then injected me and took some of my blood. He also took hair from my head and my pubic area. He also injected me in the leg and took blood from there. I was really traumatised.

Now my foot bottom has a lot of black spots and I know he has put a spell on me. I was also manipulated. He knew that he did not want a woman.  He just wanted somebody’s life. At nights, I could not sleep in my house because someone kept pricking me as I dozed off and I had to sit on the chair until morning.

I did not say anything to him because I knew he was doing it to me. I did not make him any wiser as his obeah was working on me.

I pretended that everything was all right when I saw him in the mornings. However, once I had to come back to Jamaica to get a bath and buy some oil at the drugstore. It really helped me. I moved and now I am living in New Jersey, far away from him. However, I am experiencing something strange in my belly. I have a great big lump in my belly. The strange smell still comes from my nose every now and then, and sometimes my tummy roars extra hard. I have some big black spots on my skin.

Pastor, can you tell me what he did with my hair, my blood and my breath. I remembered that he put his fingers in my vagina and a lot of discharge came out. He kept it on two of his fingers and left. He used to work at a hospital for 26 years so it seems he has access to a lot of stuff. Can you believe it, pastor?

I was feeling a pain in my side and when I went to the hospital, they gave me extra medication and the doctor said that he did not see anything wrong. However I see spots coming on my skin. Was it because of the extra medication?

Pastor, this is more than what John Public reads about. It seems that this man killed people and did not get caught. He and his children are all possessed with demons so they have no choice but to do evil to people. His wife died so he lives with his daughter and a Jamaican girl. She is 17 and they taught her a lot of evil stuff. She came here when she was about 7.

I will never forget what he did to me. I will never forget how this man met me and hugged me with his evil-filled hand and trapped me so that he could take my life.

Dear R. L.,
You believe that this man is working obeah.  I wonder what he put into your vagina. Why didn’t you report him to the police?  I really don’t know what transpired between you and this man.  However, I am glad that you have gotten away from him. If his obeah is so strong and you believe in obeah too, he may still find you.  You may have to come to Jamaica for more baths. 

I am only joking with you, madam. I am glad that there are many of us who do not believe in obeah.

Seriously now, I am sorry to hear what you are going through and I must urge you to follow the advice of your doctor.  He told you he has not been able to find out what has happened to you.

Nevertheless, you have this big medical bill to pay.  You are going to have to learn to trust in the Lord.

I hope you gave back the man his car and every other thing he gave you.  Read the Psalm every day, my dear, and pray.



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