Sex is not just for fun

December 20, 2017

Dear Pastor,
Sex is not only for procreation, but rather recreation and procreation, in that order.

Dear T.T.,
You are so very wrong. The purpose of sex was created mainly for procreation, and pleasure. That is what 'The Bible' said.

The pleasures of sex come with responsibility, such as children being born and a man becomes a father and a woman becomes a mother and those children have to be provided for, for many years.

Couples who have had their children still need to have sex. And it is not for procreation but they do so to satisfy each other’s sexual needs, and 'The Bible' said these needs should not be ignored.

Please read 1st Corinthians 1:1-5. It is the obligation of a married man to satisfy his wife in bed. And it is the obligation of his wife to sexually satisfy him. And the Bible says that they ought not to defraud each other.

When one speaks of recreation, one thinks of activities “that divert, amuses or stimulates one’s mind, body or soul. It is something you do for fun or for yourself.” 

Hiking, golf, and playing a board game are all examples of recreation.

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