Trying to be straight

December 20, 2017

Dear Pastor,
I have a problem that I need your advice on. I am a guy who has been struggling with my sexuality over three years.

I used to have daily erections until I reached to a point that I could not take it anymore. One day I discovered masturbation. My problem is I have feelings for both sexes.

I got involved with a guy who happens to be my friend from childhood. He is about three years older than I am. We were together for about two months. I slept with him twice.

Then I realised that I made a serious mistake and broke off the relationship.

It is two years now and I am still hurting because I have no one to talk to about what I did. I came close once to telling my mom but I knew she would not understand like most people.

I am still single, but I need a little happiness in my life. I met this girl about a month ago, but I am afraid to get serious with her because I don’t want what I did to come back and hurt her.

What should I do, pastor? Is a little happiness too good for me after what I did? I have managed not to get involved with another guy from I broke up with him so why am I still at this point, pastor. I need your help desperately.
S. C.

Dear S. C.,
You are haunted by what you did. You should see a psychologist for sessions. Yes, you owe yourself much happiness, but you should know that there are principles in the Bible about how one ought to live and when they are violated one can cause oneself much unhappiness. Talk to a psychologist.

You should only think of having a family after you have changed your lifestyle and are comfortable with yourself.


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