Babyfather threatened to kill me

December 21, 2017

Dear Pastor,
I am a 23-year-old female living in the United States of America. I currently live with my child’s father. He is 34 years old. We lived in separate States, but I needed help with the baby, so we decided to get an apartment together. I had to quit my job when I moved to live with him. Everything was fine at the time, but now living with him is a nightmare.

He doesn't have his working papers. I found this out when I had the baby. I'm now seeking employment which is very hard to find. He earns a good salary. He does not pay the bills on time or pays them at all. We argue almost every day because he is trying to control my life. I decided to go back to college to get my degree, but he is telling me that I am trying to rush my life too fast and as soon as I get a job I should get out of his apartment.

He does not try to help with the baby. When he is at home, the only thing he does is eat and sleep. When I cook he complains that it does not taste like his mother’s cooking. I am scared to drive with him because he does not have a driver's licence, and he could get us killed in a car accident. He does not want my friends or family to communicate with me.

He has another child in Jamaica who he does not call or support. I found this out when we moved in together. On several occasions he told me that he would kill me and he is not afraid of going to prison in America. I once called immigration to get him deported, but they never returned my call or answered the phone.

Please, I am asking for your advice and your prayers.

Dear D.B.,
I suggest that you leave this man immediately. He is a bag of worries. You should not take his threats lightly. He should be reported to the police. Even if he had not threatened you, you should know by now that he is not the type of man you should be living with. It is time to pack up girl. Move out. He is baggage that you do not need.


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