Embarrassed by my pubic hair

December 21, 2017


Dear Pastor,

I am a 15-year-old girl of Indian descent. I am well developed for my age. My problem is that I am very hairy, both under my armpits and in my pubic areas.

The growth around my pubic area is very thick and straight. It is about four inches long and extends down to my thighs.

When I go to the beach, the growth of pubic hairs bulges out from my swimsuit and the long hairs are exposed around my thighs.

I get very self-conscious and embarrassed from the stares of other bathers, especially the men.

My religion forbids me from shaving my private parts, and I was told that God has a reason for causing hair to grow under one's armpits and pubic area.

Please advise me.


Dear M.S.,

Sometimes a person may have to go against what his or her religion teaches because some religious rules are man-made and they are contrary to proper ethics, cleanliness, common sense and proper grooming.

Religions sometimes have caused people to do silly things, and some persons who lead religious organisations are rather weird and out of step with modern-day thinking.

Why should you listen to anyone who tells you that you should not cut your hair, even in your pubic area? There are permanent ways to remove unwanted hair.

Electrolysis is a wonderful cure. However, this requires a trained person to perform this method of hair removal. The depilatory cream is often used to remove hair on the arm and leg. It should not be used on the face.

I would not suggest that you use razor on certain parts of your body because you may expose yourself to infection. I would rather suggest that you cut your hair with your own personal scissors and that you consider wearing beach apparel that are not very revealing.

I further suggest that whenever you are able, you should arrange to see a skin specialist and speak to him or her about your problem.


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