Molester on the loose

December 21, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I want to expose the devil! I found out recently that my sister was violated by someone I deem less than a person and a man. Single moms, watch out, he's a child molester!

I'm not certain what area of Jamaica he's hiding, but I'm spreading the word. I pray this good-for-nothing waste of human space hasn't been a part of any single parent's life.

Just in case, talk to your children, listen to them. They are coming to you for help. If you push them away, it's possible the truth will never come out. Be blessed.

S. W.

Dear S.W.,

I regret hearing that your sister was sexually molested. You have sent us the name of the accused, but we cannot publish same.

However, I hope that your sister is doing well and the warning that you have given to all parents is well received. We hope that this man will be arrested soon.


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