Moving on from my worthless J'can man

December 21, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I'm from St Kitts and I listened to your show a couple of times. I listened to the one about how men go about approaching women, and I realise that the majority of the men can't.

I also heard the show when the psychic was there, and the one about how Jamaican men love to trick women. Most people do say all Jamaican men are not nice, but I don't think so because men will say all women are the same, and we are not.

I'm married to a Jamaican guy and I love the day he went back to Jamaica because I saw things I couldn't have seen if he were here.

Sometimes you need to spend some time apart from your loved one, just to see how things will be. I've been calling him for six weeks and he is not answering.

His mom gave him the phone and he said he didn't want to take it. But now I have found someone else. He must have felt it because I have been calling him for two months now, and I will never call him back. Now he will not stop calling my phone, but all I want is his signature on the divorce papers.


Dear T.,

You are finished with the Jamaican man. I hope the new man will not cheat on you and that you will not cheat on him.

You have gotten involved with another man very fast. Your body must be on fire. Whenever you are condemning others, always look at yourself too. I wish you well.


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