Family hates my babymother

December 23, 2017

Dear Pastor,

My babymother was very active in the church when I met her.

It happened that one day she spent the night at my house and the urge came upon us while we were playing with each other. One thing led to another, and she got pregnant.

She had no one to turn to and she started to develop serious complications with her health due to iron deficiency. What made it worse is that she didn't have any family support.

I took her to my mom's house to introduce her to my family. At first, my mother accepted her. But my aunt did not like her.

Her comment was, "You can do much better mi nephew, dis gal ya ugly, she too black, she don't have any pedigree in her, plus this gal ya a go sick pon yuh all her life."

Now, my mother's intentions became impure against her because she says my aunt can see the future. When my babymother gave birth to my son, my aunt and mother said, "Dis pickney ya a jacket."

We live together and I would love to married her, but she is unwell all the time.

I sent her to so many doctors and they have done so many blood tests, but the only thing they said is that she is anaemic. For four years now she has been like that. I am frustrated and depressed.

I don't have anyone to speak to about this because all my family members have turned against me.

Please, pastor, I anticipate your urgent response.


Dear A.W.,

It seems to me that your mother and aunt want to run your life. Unfortunately, they do not love your girlfriend, so they are saying unkind things to get you to the place where you would end the relationship with her.

You are in love with your child's mother; stay with her. Follow her doctor's advice. Ask the members of your church to stand with her in prayer. Whatever might be her situation, God can heal her if it is His will.


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