Sex can cheer you up

December 25, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am currently living in Chicago. I do believe that there are health benefits in having sex. In that, when one is depressed, sex can cheer one up. Depression can cause illnesses. Sex can help. Sex lets us lose weight as well. To have sex, you have to be very flexible. Ha-ha, It's an exercise.


Dear C.W.,

Clearly you believe in casual sex. You see it as something to engage in for fun. People who take that position do not build strong and stable family life.

There are indeed health benefits in sex. But nobody has ever died from not having sex. Sex is not just a physical act. Some people have sex without any commitment and that's how you are talking about sex and that ought not to be so. There ought to be love and total commitment between the couple. One writer says that the sex drive is different from the hunger drive. You will die if you do not eat for a long time. But you can go for years without having sex and not die, nothing will happen to you.

So I suggest you change your opinion about sex.


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