Boyfriend left me after oral sex mishap

January 11, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have an issue. My boyfriend and I had been together for two years, and then he dumped me. I am very hurt. I think he was very irrational and needs to reconsider his decisions and come back to me.

I am a nurse and I am very intelligent. I see myself as a great woman for him to be with and to build a life with. He is a strong man, and we both suit each other.

Pastor, here is what honestly happened. I got a yeast infection and was being treated for it by my doctor. I was using a cream for over a week by inserting it into my vagina.

Whenever I get a yeast infection, I usually get a prescription from my doctor not only for myself, but also for my boyfriend.

Anyway, after almost a week of using the cream, I felt as if I was suffering from a high temperature, so I took some medication and I became very drowsy.

But before I went to sleep, I inserted the yeast infection cream. My boyfriend came over and he woke me up because he wanted us to have sex.

Usually, he would perform oral sex on me before inserting his penis into me. But honestly, pastor, I was very tired, and I forgot to let him know that I was having an infection and that I inserted the cream in my vagina.

So, while he was performing oral sex on me, he made mention of the large amount of 'sweetness', and said that it made him even more stimulated.

I still didn't remember or realise anything until he was done and he came up to kiss my forehead. I realised his mouth was covered with the cream and it was all over his beard.

I wasn't going to let him know, because I felt so much ashamed and embarrassed for him. But I felt very guilty.

I let him know the following morning what had happened and I apologised to him.

He was very angry and we got into a big argument. I told him that I didn't understand how he didn't realise it was not my 'sweetness', but a cream that was prescribed by my doctor, and he said that he was caught up in the moment.

Sadly, a week after, he broke up with me. He said that I clowned him out and took him for an idiot. But I think he should have been able to get over that so that we could have moved forward.

Pastor, please give me your advice. Should I leave that man alone and move on too?

Distraught Portmore Woman

Dear Distraught,

I do not believe that you wilfully tricked this man. You have explained what happened.

I understand how sad you feel now that he has left you. I don't know what you are going to do to convince this man that you meant no harm.

What he is trying to say to you is that if you cared about him, you would not have allowed him to eat what he should not have eaten. I don't doubt that both of you genuinely love each other.

I would suggest that you keep in touch with him. Don't quarrel or fuss with him. It is going to take him a long time for his heart to heal.

Make sure that you text him nice words and assure him of your love. I hope that he has gone to the doctor.

I will be praying for both of you. I look forward to hearing from you again. I am not prepared to tell you to give this man up. Time heals, but make sure that you don't harass him.


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