Cousin and I like the same guy

January 12, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I met this cute boy and after talking to him, I got to know him more, but it was both me and my half-cousin who met him.

He was so open and nice and he understood me. After getting to know him, I began to like him even more, but he's always saying that he's confused.

The problem is, I liked him more than how my cousin liked him. So I went ahead and told him that he can't keep treating us like a puppet on a string. My cousin just sat there and didn't say anything and made it look like I was the bad one.

My cousin knew him before me but they didn't talk that much; they were just friends. But if she doesn't like him that much, why didn't she tell him that at the time?

She kept behaving as if she was jealous and when I asked her, she said that she doesn't like him that much.

Please, tell me what to do.


Dear Unnamed,

Evidently you like this guy and by now he has recognised that. Don't push yourself on him. If he is interested in you, he would eventually tell you.


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