Boyfriend doesn't want to meet my aunt

January 31, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am living with my aunt. She and my mother are sisters. She never got married, but my mother got married and has seven of us. My aunt has a two-bedroom house, and she was living alone until she became ill and asked my mother if I could come and live with her. I came here when I was 18 and I am now 20 years old.

My aunt was always an office helper. She told me that she saved her money, but she had a man who came to Jamaica and stayed with her when he got his holidays. They were friends for five years. She said she could put her pot on fire and rely on that man. She said she never got pregnant for the man, although she did not use any protection. The man told her that if she had become pregnant for him he would marry her, but nothing happened.

One day he called her and told her that he has to get married, but that their relationship could continue. Half of the money she used to buy the house came from this man. He came back to Jamaica once after he got married to see her. He was living in Ohio, United States. He told his wife that he had to go to Florida on business, but from Florida he flew to Jamaica just to see her. He left the following day to go back to Florida, and his wife never knew that he came to Jamaica.

My aunt said she has never met any other man like that man. Since I have been here, I have never seen a man sleep at my aunt's house, and she is always knocking it in my head to go to school and not to have more than one boyfriend.

I have a boyfriend. He is 30 years old. when my aunt met him, she told me not to let him come back to her house because he cannot even hold a proper conversation. And when I looked into it, it was true. I am in another relationship now, but this guy doesn't want to meet my aunt. When I asked him why he doesn't want to meet her, he said that she looks too strict and he is not ready yet. He wants us to go out, but I told him that he will have to meet my aunt first

For the Christmas, he did not even buy me a card, and I bought him a tie and handkerchiefs. I was so disappointed in him. I want to know whether I should continue this relationship.


Dear O.R.,

I am glad that you are with your aunt. She seems to be a wise woman. You should listen to her. She will not lead you astray. I am happy that she has her own home, but I am sorry she never gotten married. She told you to keep one man at a time. That is good advice.

Your present boyfriend seems to be hiding. He seems to want to just play around. Don't allow him to have his way with you. By the way, you are only 20 years old. Try your best to get a career, and don't be in a hurry to get a man in your life; you are still young. Stay with your aunt and help her. Don't do anything that will cause her to ask you to leave.


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