Husband used my money to buy girlfriend's lingerie

February 03, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 35 years old, and I am married. My husband has lost his job. I wasn’t on anything in Jamaica and the children have to go to school. So my husband and I decided that the best thing for me to do was to take a trip to America. I came here, and I was lucky to get a job. After three months, my husband started to complain that he couldn’t take the loneliness. I came home and I spent two months with him and left again. He was satisfied with that.

I am away now six months and getting ready to go back, but I am so discouraged because my older daughter has told me that daddy has a girlfriend. She heard them talking on the phone, and in Christmas she saw some sexy lingerie. She thought that they were for me, but they disappeared and she missed them. She went and looked where he had put them, and they were gone. And after they had dinner on Christmas Day, he left them (kids) at the house and they did not know what time he came in.

I am so distraught. He is still not working, and I want to know if it is my money he took to buy these things for his girlfriend. I will destroy this girl before she destroys my marriage. This man and I are coming from far. These days when I say I am coming home, he is not very enthusiastic, but I am coming nevertheless. I want you to give me your advice.


Dear Upset,

Come to your yard. It is your place, it is where you belong. But when you come, don’t expect this man to admit that he is having an affair. And if you were to tell him that you heard about his behaviour from your daughter it may cause him to be very upset with her. She would be put in his bad book.
I understand why you are away, but try and come home as early as possible and don’t stay away. And when you come home, insists that he puts more effort into getting a job. Perhaps he has too much time on his hands these days.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he used some of the money you sent to him to buy this lingerie for his girlfriend. You have to remember that she is nicing him up and he has to nice her up too.


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