My girlfriend won't stop cheating on me

February 08, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am a 28-year-old man who has been working tirelessly over the years to secure a stable future before I start to think about children. I must say, my plan is going well so far, and I thank God.

However, my girlfriend won't admit that she is cheating. I confronted her on two occasions about her infidelity.

The first time I found out she was flirting at the highest level, I saw several text messages in her old phone, which I was using.

I saw messages like 'I miss you', 'I miss making love to you', and more that are too embarrassing to say. She also has been sending nude pictures to men.

When I confronted her about it, she cried and denied everything. I asked her to tell me the truth, but she continued to lie.

I told her that I saw the messages, and that was when she started to say that she was sorry and that she wouldn't do it again.

She stated that the last time she had sex with the man she was communicating with was before she met me. Do you think this is a lie? I do.

Anyway, eventually I got over it and told her not to do it again. I see this girl as someone I want to share my plans, my dreams, and my future with.

I also told her that I would not be able to trust her. Months passed and we got over it.

Recently, she did it again with another man. Note that since her previous infidelity, I've been observing her closely. She continues to tell me that she did not do anything and that I am overreacting and accusing her.

Pastor, everything added up and led me to believe that she cheated again. I have proof that she cheated. She is asking me to show her the proof if I have it because, she says, she did not do anything.

She asked the man that I said she cheated with to call me to explain that she did not cheat on me, he just gave her a ride that day, and that they had known each other for over six years and they never have anything going on, so there was no reason for them to start anything now.

Pastor, I have evidence that they did it. But she doesn't want to admit it.

She kept asking me to show her the proof that I had. I refused to show her the evidence. That took place about two weeks ago and to this day, I have not got over it.

I find it difficult to move on. She will not even admit to her wrongdoing. She is trying everything to make me feel better or forget that the confrontation happened.

Pastor, I took this woman and her child in my life, in my house, and in my future plans. What should I do? Your urgent response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Dear J.P.,

You seem to be saying that you recognise that the woman that you say you love so much is a liar and a cheater, but she has a sweetness that you can't give up even though you are making yourself a fool.

Well, I am here to tell you that she is likely to cheat on you again because she is not satisfied with you, and what she wants, you are unable to give to her.

It is more than just money, but I don't think I need to spell out everything to you. You ought not to be pressuring her to tell you when and where and with whom she was having sex after she admitted to it when you presented proof.

You saw the text messages and the disgraceful comments. You even saw the pictures of herself she sent to other men.

Listen, sir, it's either you are going to accept that your woman is a cheater and live with it or tell her to get out of your life because you can't deal with her anymore.

She is vulgar and grossly immoral. If you don't leave this woman, be prepared to hear that she has cheated again and again. I wish you well.


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