Nervous about asking about a boy

February 21, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am a teenage girl living in one of the islands. I know that girls my age shouldn't have problems, but I also know that most mothers are insecure and want the best for their children.

Well, my mother is just like that. She doesn't even want me to keep boys as my friends. I am not bad or anything like that. Every teenage girl keeps 'boyfriends', and sadly, I am one.

My mother needs to understand that not every girl is into sex and stuff like that. Most girls I know, and some who I call my friends, have boyfriends and the only thing they engage in is kissing.

Most times, they just hug each other, and that's it. For parents, when they were teenagers, their peers used to have sex with them. But that doesn't mean that we are going to do the same thing.

Our parents should be able to trust us. Sometimes people might tell them that we are not behaving well, but we are only teenagers.

Anyway, that's not it. I am writing you to tell you there is this boy that I like, and he likes me too. I know that he likes me because he told my sister so.

My friends keep telling me that I should ask him out, but I think it is right for a boy to ask a girl out. He keeps asking me cute little questions and telling me cute little things, but he never asks me to go out with him.

I think he is waiting on the right time or he is waiting on me to ask him first, but I don't want to do that.

He is a very nice guy to be around. He is very cute and he has a good personality. Do you think I should wait on him to ask me out, or should I take the chance and ask him out?

I am so scared of getting my heart broken. I hope to hear from you soon. God bless you.

I know that most guys just want to get into our panties, but I don't want to have sex until I am 18 or until I'm married.


Dear B.M.,

My readers will be shocked to know that you are only 13 years old, but you are talking as a mature teenager. Quite frankly, I should tell you that you are not yet ready to go on dates, although you may feel that you are.

Your parents should only allow you to go out in groups. You are too hot to invite male friends out. So please, spend more time on your schoolwork.

Don't listen to young girls who are loose. Don't follow their advice. Give yourself time to grow up. Make your parents proud.

Your mother is only trying to protect you. She knows that you are a ball of fire and she has to give you room to socialise, but not so much time that you may get into trouble.


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