Babyfather doesn't respect me

March 22, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I always read your column. I am 22 years old, but my relationship is nothing but bitterness. My babyfather is 25 years old.

I have a son for him, but he doesn't respect me. He uses all kinds of dirty words to me. He even went to the extreme and told me about my mother. I have never disrespected him, not one bit.

When I am not working, he would curse me and tell me that I should go and look work because he alone can't manage. When I am working, a sweeter man than him you cannot find.

I cry daily over the condition. I can't sit and talk to him about anything. When I do, he would say that I chat too much and that he can't take the talking sometimes.

I asked him why he doesn't have any respect for me and he said that he is stressed and frustrated because he has his house to finish.

Pastor, all I need is some respect from him because I am the woman who gave him his first child, so I think he should respect me.


Dear J.M.,

This man has nothing in him and you can't force him to love and respect you. If you were to get married to this man, he won't be a good husband. He doesn't have any home training.

Try and get yourself a job. Frankly, you should leave him and go back to your parents. It is better to suffer at your parents' home than to live with a disgraceful man.

He tells you dirty things about your mother because he has no respect for you or for your mother. It is time to close shop on this man. God is able to provide another man for you. Get out of this man's life.


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