Girlfriend admitted she gave me a jacket

April 05, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am a security guard. I used to work mostly at nights, but things have changed because things were not well at my house.

My girlfriend was keeping a man with me. She denied it, but the neighbours who I trust told me that it was so.

The landlady told me that my girlfriend used to have a male visitor, and when she described the person to me, I knew that it was my supervisor from my company.

Can you imagine that? I am at work, and he is at my house servicing my woman.

Sometimes I hear these women talking to you on the radio and behaving as if they are saints. I know that some of them are not saints. I have one child with this woman.

When the landlady told me that another man was coming to the house, I had to ask her about it. She admitted that a man came to see her about three times but said that it was her brother.

I asked why the brother had to come at nights when I am not there and why she never told me that he came there. She said nothing.

While I was talking to her, I dialled her brother's number and asked him when he last saw his sister. He said it had been a long time.

She tried to grab the phone from me, but she couldn't. I went outside and finished talking to her brother. A few days after, she moved out and told me that she had something to confess.

She said that the child she has is not mine. She said that she was sorry for the way we had to end but thought that it was better that way.

Pastor, some of these girls are wicked. The child is three years old, and all this time, she knew that I was not the father.

The man she is living with now is the child's father, but the child has my name. Tell me what to do.


Dear P.W.,

Some people may say that your landlady was nosy, but had it not been for her, you would probably still be in darkness. So, thank her for making you aware of what was happening in your house.

Although this child was registered in your name, don't let it be a bother to you at all. The mother told you that it is not your child. A DNA test can verify whether or not she is speaking the truth, if you would like to know.


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