He doesn't know how to use his 'large tool'

April 18, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am from Kingston. I am with a man and he talks a lot. He has a big thing in his pants, but he has no use. His penis is about 10 inches long. He drinks a lot, so as he enters me, he ejaculates.

All the men I have taken into my life never had any money. So right now, I want a man who has money.


Dear S,

I think it is safe to say that you are a very unfortunate young woman and it is time for you to stop listening to what men say to you.

Some men are clever liars and they say things just to get under your skirt. When a man tells you that he loves you, you shouldn't just accept what he says.

You should learn to not only question him, but find people who know him well and question them about him. You should never be eager to go to bed with them.

This man who has a very large penis needs to see a therapist who would be able to help him, and he should cut out the drinking. Otherwise, he may never overcome his sexual problems.

What you are saying is that this man has a 'large tool' but he cannot use it. You have not complained about his size but he frustrates you.

It would be good if this man could get some help and both of you get married, and then you wouldn't have to complain about having men who can only talk but are unable to satisfy you.

You say that you have never had a man who has money and you are looking for one who does. It is better for you to seek a man who truly loves and respects you.

If he loves you and respects you, he would give you money. If you love him and respect him, you will take care of him.


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