I think an evil spirit attacked me

April 19, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I rented a room at a place in Hanover, and while I was on my bed in the room, I felt like a force was moving up my leg.

I felt as if something was on my bed. It was like something was crawling up my feet and pinching me.

What must I do? Do you think that it was an evil spirit?


Dear Unknown,

I don't know what was happening to you, but I suggest that whenever this occurs again, you take your Bible and read a psalm and pray.

I also suggest that you check with your doctor to see whether your nerves are giving you problems.

I hope you don't think that I am mocking you. I mean what I say.

Perhaps your doctor can recommend something to make you to relax. On the 'Dear Pastor' show, I hear people recommending natural herbs that make people sleep well.

Perhaps you may want to discuss that with your doctor. Don't get carried away by thinking or believing that an evil spirit is tormenting you.


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