Desperate to see my children

May 16, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am currently attending a university here in Jamaica. My children live in the US with their dad and grandparents. I sent them there to allow me to complete my studies.

I was denied a visitor's visa, so I have not seen them in more than a year, and it is killing me. I have to take deep breaths in order to breathe properly when I think of my situation. I miss my children so much.

I regret that I started school again. I feel like I have sacrificed my children in order to gain a career. Please, pray for me. I am a mother who misses her children a lot.

Lonely Mother.

Dear Lonely Mother,

Ask the children's father to send them home to spend part of the summer with you because you have been denied a visa and you cannot travel to the US.

I can't comment on why the US Embassy did not grant you a visa, but as I see it, if the children are legal in the US, they should be able to travel to Jamaica and return from time to time.

I wish you well in your studies. Hang on in there, so to speak, and try to do well.


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