Think my mother-in-law is trying to frame me

June 11, 2018


Dear Pastor,

I am 29 years old and I am living with my girlfriend and our two-year-old son. My girlfriend is 21 years old.

She is very jealous, but I try to tell her that she doesn't have anything to be jealous about because I am not doing anything to hurt her.

Her parents are not living far from us. When she is gone to work, her mother has the baby and we pay her mother every week.

When my girlfriend has to work at nights, we know the baby is safe because he is with his grandmother.

Her mother does not want us to spend money on having anybody do day's work, so she does the work for us. She cleans the house and does the laundry also.

One, day my girlfriend asks me what condom was doing in my pants pocket. She said her mother told her that one day she put my jeans to wash and she found a condom in the pocket.

I told her that maybe it is one of the condoms we use. she asked what was it doing in my pocket if it is the condom that both of us would use.

I think her mother is trying to make trouble, because I did not put any condom in my pocket. I was going to ask her, but my girlfriend said that I should not.

I asked her to let me see the condom, but she refused to let me see it. For about a week, I didn't talk to her mother because I believe the mother was lying on me.

I told my father about it and he said that he believes that my girlfriend is trying to find out if I am having an affair, so I should just go and take care of my home.

I want to know how you feel about this. My father also said that maybe my girlfriend's mother wants me for herself.

Pastor, what is your take on this problem?


Dear F.W.,

I think that your father is so very right. You can't even be sure who is lying. You said your girlfriend is very jealous and perhaps she cannot come to believe that you are not seeing any other woman, so she has made up a story.

The condom cannot be shown. Why haven't they showed you the condom? Perhaps there is no proof.

Why would your mother-in-law create a problem like that? She knows that you are taking care of your home and that you are paying her for taking care of the child, and for cleaning the house and other things.

Why would she try to cause such a problem between her daughter and you? Your girlfriend has told you not to say anything to her mother, so say nothing about it and continue to respect her mother. Perhaps your girlfriend is testing you.


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