My man keeps cheating on me

September 06, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am in a relationship with a man who doesn't respect or love me.

He does not want to communicate, and he always says that I am annoying whenever I try to talk about things that are important to me.

At first, it was all good, but things have changed. A baby came along, and I gained weight and partially resembled the person I was three years ago.

He constantly cheats and has kept close relationships with the females who he allowed to try to tear us apart.

At nine months pregnant, with a complicated pregnancy, he was cheating on me with multiple females, one being a pregnant woman.

One night, he was out until 3 a.m., and I could not get him on his phone. When he finally came home, a message from a female came to his phone asking, "Did you reach home safely?"

We had argued about the same female days prior, but he changed her name in his phone to a man's name, pretending as if he had cut her off.

Things have got so bad between us. A few days ago, I was complaining about something concerning the baby.

He turned around and kicked me on my leg with so much force, it caused me to fall to the ground. I realised seconds later that I had urinated on myself.

I want to get out of this relationship, but it's hard to do with a child involved. Please, help me.


Dear P,

I suggest that you report this young man to the police. He ought to learn that even when both of you have disagreements, he does not have the right to physically abuse you.

You should also seek another place to live. You say that this is not easy to do when one has a child.

Well, contrary to what you believe, there are thousands of women who have had children with men and have had to leave these abusive men, taking their children with them. Plus, they have had to seek recourse in court.

Women should never allow men to believe that they are helpless and hopeless and that without them, they will starve.

You are not at the mercy of this man. He may want you to believe that, but you are not.

There are always alternatives. Step out and you will be surprised to see how well you will do.

You say this man has many women. I doubt very much that these women are putting up with the nonsense that you have put up with.

I really cannot encourage you to stay with this man. If you do, he may just kill you.


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