Court system is biased against fathers

September 07, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I believe the Family Court is the most destructive institution to our social development, especially since all deliberations are done not by a group of sociologists, but by young, arrogant female judges who don't like men.

Why is the court so biased towards fathers who could be the better parents to raise their female children?

The fathers will always be the authority in any household, while the mothers would be sub-servants exposing the female child/children to molestation by stepfathers.

Again, consider a judge making a maintenance order on a man who is not working. The man may run away because he does not want to be arrested, and the child suffers.

The mother has to prostitute herself to make ends meet. Putting the burden of life on the male is obviously irrational and destructive.



Dear B,

Men have always complained that some female judges are merciless when women take them to court for child support.

They have always accused female judges of taking sides with the women, even when there is evidence that these women are lying.

One man complained to me that his wife took him to court. She did so to punish him because they broke up and he established a relationship with another woman that his wife did not like at all.

On the day of the court appearance, the wife dressed in a manner that would please the judge and after the case, she came out of the court and changed her clothes, mocked the father and called him a fool, and told him that she knew the judge would believe her.

He said that she told a lot of lies on him and the judge believed her. She told him that he has no use.

There are others who have nothing good to say about female judges. I understand what you are trying to say.

But I don't believe that it is fair to condemn the ones who sit on the bench. They can make mistakes, but no man should allow his child's mother to take him to court for maintenance.

And if he is taken to court, he should be able to prove that he has been supporting his child.

If he believes that the woman would lie on him, he should retain the service of a lawyer and not go to court unrepresented.


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