Women leave me because I'm too laid-back

December 03, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I enjoy reading your column, and I have a serious problem. I am almost 34 years old, and I fell in love with this 25-year-old lady. I fell for her so much that I don't know if it is love or obsession. I am not sure if she is into it so much anymore because she thinks I am too laid-back. Over the years, that has been the main reason why my relationships have not last.

I think that I am doing my best, but it not good enough for these women. I am not always in a position to take out my girlfriend because I am not mobile. Sometimes I would like to take her, but I am not financially able to do so. She is much younger than I.

How can I control my emotions if she decides to break up with me? Please, how can you help me?


Dear O.F.,

To tell you the truth, sir, you are barking up the wrong tree. You are hanging your hat where you can't reach it. These girls see you as a joker. You have ambition, but you must remember that sometimes a man has to stay in his league. But you want to move out of your league, and you have no money.

You say that sometimes you want to take out a girl, but you are not mobile, and you don't have any money. A young man doesn't have to be mobile to take out a girl. His friends can drop him off at the location and pick him up, and some girls would work with a guy if he knows how to work his stuff. He can tell her the truth, so she knows that he would not be able to buy anything expensive when they go on a date. A good girl just wants to know that she is going out with an intelligent man. But you don't give me the impression in your letter that any intelligent girl would want to go out with you. You also mentioned this young lady's age. If you knew she was too young for you, you should not have gotten involved with her. Stop complaining about women and act as a man. Women love men who conduct themselves as men.

This relationship that you are having will not work. After you have gotten over your pain of losing this woman, try and find another girl. But before you do, put away some money to take her out.


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