THE STAR year in review: Top 5 Tell Me Pastor for 2018

December 31, 2018


The 'Tell Me Pastor' feature with Reverend Aaron Dumas remains tremendously popularity. Throughout 2018, STAR readers grabbed their copy of their favourite newspaper or logged on to to see what is in 'Tell Me Pastor'.

Here are the top five columns, based on online readership.

1) Husband and my friend had sex beside me 

"One night, my husband went to sleep early. She and I were watching television. Our television is in the bedroom. I told her that she could just come up on the bed with us. I fell asleep, and while I was sleeping, I felt the bed shaking. I woke up to see my husband on her. I got so mad I started to punch him, and he said that it was a mistake and that he took her for me."

2) Wife pregnant for another guy  

"I trusted this woman, pastor. Nothing crossed my mind about her having another man. I gave her permission to stay in America longer. And to cut a long story short, she got involved with this new man and became pregnant. She told me that the guy forced her into having sex with her, and because he was going to do something for her, she had sex with him, but she loves me and I must forgive her.

"How can I forgive this woman? We have our own home in Jamaica. We are not suffering. I am working. I am not making a million dollars per month, but, our bills are paid. Why should my wife let down herself in this manner?"

3) Found out that my wife has HIV 

"My wife had the miscarriage shortly before Christmas. She went home to Jamaica for Christmas while recovering. Several weeks later, she went to the doctor for a check-up and she found out that she is HIV-positive. Of course, I am angry, upset and confused. I visited the doctor shortly after January started and then again in February. Both tests confirmed that I am HIV-negative."

4) Boyfriend left me after oral sex mishap 

"Usually, he would perform oral sex on me before inserting his penis into me. But honestly, pastor, I was very tired, and I forgot to let him know that I was having an infection and that I inserted the cream in my vagina. So, while he was performing oral sex on me, he made mention of the large amount of 'sweetness', and said that it made him even more stimulated."

5) Losing my man after a threesome

"We were together, all three of us, for three hours. I left the room, put on my clothes and went to spend the rest of the night with a friend. When I came back the following morning, the girl was still there with him. Now, he is asking me to leave because the girl is more serious about life than I am. She went away, but she calls him at anytime. I told her that I thought that it was a one-time thing. She told me that it started that way but she loves him and we can go on together - all three of us - and I should give her a chance because she needs the help."

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