I think my co-worker is trying to 'tie' me with food

January 16, 2019

Dear Pastor,

Good day to you and your staff. I have a problem, and I want to share it with you. I am married, but my wife is not living with me. She is living in America. She came to Jamaica and got married to me. On the same evening of the wedding, she had to leave to catch the plane to go back to America because she had to go to her job the following day. As soon as we said "I do", and we had something to eat, we headed straight to our hotel room and we had a 'quickie'. When she was leaving, she hung on my shoulder and cried.

I do not have a visa, and chatting on the phone is not enough. So we have to find other ways of pleasuring ourselves. She will be here in Easter, and we will have a longer time together. I have promised her that I will not get involved with any woman out here. I know one of the girls at my workplace loves me. I can't say that I love her. I like her. She always asks me about my wife. Sometimes she even brings me ackee and salt fish. I always take her food. I don't want to insult her.

I asked her one day if she was using food to 'tie' me to her, but she said no. She said she doesn't believe in those things. Do you think I should continue to take food from her? She is a Christian.


Dear B.P.,

Perhaps this young lady is offering you food because she knows that your dear wife is away and she does not mind sharing with you. It seems to me that you insulted her when you asked her whether she was trying to tie you to her. On the other hand, perhaps as a good friend you could have said that to her without hurting her feelings. To me, this matter of people trying to tie each other with food is utter nonsense.

You and your wife were unable to have a honeymoon or to enjoy a long period together when you got married. What an awful rush that must have been. You said you only had time for a 'quickie'. I am sure that both of you are looking forward to spending much more time together this coming Easter, when she will be back.

I wish both of you well. Try not to get involve with any other woman, and try to communicate with your wife every day.


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