Getting only $1,000 in child support

February 04, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have a child for a man. He gives me only $1,000 every two week to support this child. I told him that that money is not enough. He told me that I should put the balance on it. I am not working permanently. I do a little day's work twice a week, but that is not enough for me. Our daughter is two years old. He takes her sometimes to spend the weekend with him, but I don't like to send her because he only has one room and one bed, and it was on that very bed he got me pregnant.

Now, he has a woman and she goes to his house and spends weekend, and he has my child sleeping on the same bed with his girlfriend and himself. I told him that he should not do that; and he asked me what do I want him to do. He said he cannot have his girlfriend sleeping on the floor.

Pastor, my daughter is very sensible and she would see them having sex. She even knows the name of her father's girlfriend. Please tell me if I am wrong. He told me that if he can't have his daughter staying with him, he will stop giving me the $1,000.


Dear S.A.,

Your child's father should do better. He should know that $1,000 every two weeks can't do much in these days. That is insufficient. I tell you, that is wickedness and you shouldn't ask him for anything more. You should just take him to court for child support. He is unreasonable and wicked.

Concerning whether his daughter should visit him, I would suggest that you allow her to go to her father, but she should not sleep over. You should allow him to take his daughter on a Saturday and bring her back in the late afternoon. It is just not convenient for a young child to stay with her father when her father's woman comes and stays with him for the weekend; all of them are on the same bed. Don't allow that.

When you go to court with this man, he may say that he wants the child to live with him. Tell the magistrate the whole truth why you are against that. Also, tell the magistrate that you prefer that he pays the support for the child through the court.


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