Pastor, you’re too ‘boasy’

February 06, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have often read in your column where you refer to people that they have nothing. What are you thinking? Do you believe that everyone could be privileged like you?

Don't you realise that society is made up of supply and demand? If everyone had your education, where would the jobs come from to sustain them?

Aren't you glad that you have someone to look down on? If it weren't so, who would be your gardener and your maid?

What would you rely on to inflate your status? When people like you drive in the rain you splash people on the sidewalk.

Sir, let me remind you that when this life is over, these people who you castigate, they will be the ones to process your final arrangements. These things will not be done by intellectuals.

Then you will drift into oblivion just as the ones who have passed on before. Perhaps one day you will realise that you are not indispensable to the universe.

Also, I hope you will have the courage to publish this letter, that way other conceited people like you will see themselves.


Dear N.F.,

The questions that you have asked indicate that you don't know what you are saying. You wish to give the impression that you are smart, but you are not intelligent.

I doubt you are reading my column. If you are, you are not reading with understanding. Perhaps you are mixing me up with someone else.

If you are talking about me, you must be taking what I have said out of context. You say that I have told people that they have nothing. When did I say that?

It seems to me that you have absolutely nothing to do. Therefore, it gives you pleasure to lie. Perhaps you find it pleasurable to say things that you can't prove.

You think that I would drive and splash people on the road. You are talking nonsense.

I make no apology in encouraging people, regardless of age, to seek a good education and to learn skills. Perhaps instead of criticising me and condemning me, you should take such suggestion for yourself.

Regardless of one's social status, a man should never believe that he is above anyone. Instead of talking nonsense, you should try and help others.

I don't look down on anybody, whether they are working for me or not. It is very unfortunate that you have such a mentality.

If you had anything to do, you wouldn't take time to talk such nonsense. Try and go back to school and learn to keep your rudeness to yourself.


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