My man is determined to get me pregnant

February 08, 2019

Dear Pastor,

Please accept greetings for yourself and your staff. I read your column every chance I get, and I find it to be very helpful.

I am 25 years old, and I have a boyfriend. He treats me very well, but he doesn't want me to go anywhere without him. If I am going to visit my parents, he wants to come with me.

My younger sister gave birth, and I wanted to go and visit her, and he insisted that he wanted to come.

I told him that he could come, but he would have to stay outside because my sister and I had to talk about private business.

He said that if he was my boyfriend, nothing should be private between my sister and me that he could not hear. An argument developed over that, so I decided that I would stay home.

I got pregnant, but I lost the baby. People told him that I threw away the belly. At first, he did not believe what people were saying.

But he has been trying since that time to get me pregnant again, and he has not been able to do so. Since that time, we have not been having any peace because he has been saying that maybe I had a 'back-door abortion' and that is the reason why I am not getting pregnant again.

Whenever we are having sex, he puts me in all different types of positions because people have told him that these positions could help me get pregnant. What is your suggestion?


Dear W.G.,

I believe that your man means well. However, he has to learn to trust you. He cannot say that he trusts you and at the same time wants to be with you 24/7.

Men need to learn that they can't watch women. If a woman wants to cheat, she will cheat, and if a man wants to cheat, he will cheat.

Both have to have confidence in each other and trust each other. So this nonsense that your boyfriend is carrying on would get any woman angry and feeling unhappy.

You should suggest to him that both of you see a family counsellor together and discuss these issues. I am sorry to hear that you lost your baby.

Your man should stop listening to people. They believe that you terminated your pregnancy. You know that that is not true, and it is hard for you to hear those lies and not react.

But your man should have confidence in you and reject such rumours.

Concerning the positions in which you have sex, it is true that certain positions may contribute to getting a woman pregnant.

But I would prefer that a couple just waits on the good Lord instead of getting themselves so eager to have children that they become frustrated.


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