In love with two men

February 11, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. I am in a very confusing situation. I am stuck between two men. Six years ago, I cheated on my babyfather because he wasn't treating me well.

The man I cheated on him with lives in Canada. He comes to visit me often. I fell in love with him because he treats me well and respects me. He even loves my daughter very much.

The problem I am having is, I am in love with both men and the one living in Canada asked me to marry him.

I don't know what to tell him, because, apart from me loving both men, my babyfather has changed and is treating me better now.

The Canadian man knows about my babyfather, but I'm having a problem deciding who I must stay with.


Dear T.W.,

I am not telling you what to do. But, I know for sure that even if you were to agree to marry the man who lives in Canada, he will never fully trust you because he sees you as a cheater and he would expect you to cheat on him at anytime.

I doubt he would fully trust you. Although you have a man, you make time for this Canadian man each time he comes to Jamaica to visit you.

I suppose you are playing with him because he brings you Canadian dollars, and the man in Jamaica can only give you Jamaican currency.

So, while you are saying to me that you don't know what to do, I believe that you know in your heart that you are leaning towards the man in Canada.

He will be in a position, also, to take you to Canada. Be warned, however, that this Canadian might have a woman in Canada and is only using you for fun.

If I am wrong, may the good Lord forgive me for misjudging you. Keep one man.


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