Babyfather doesn’t support me

March 07, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 years old and I live with my babyfather. I got pregnant in high school and only left with two CXC subjects.

After my son reached one year and six months, I sent myself back to school. During this time, my babyfather wouldn't help me, even if I had to do a school project. Once I asked him for money to do a school project and he said I should go and find another source.

Every time my baby gets sick, I have to take him to see the doctor and when I get the prescription, I have to fill the prescription myself because he's not buying anything. This gets me upset at times.

I remember taking away his phone and a girl called saying, "Why don't you bring back my man's phone? Don't you know that you're just his babymother?"

I left him and went to stay with my cousin. I always called him and let the baby speak with him, but I didn't hold any conversation with him.

One night, he saw me when I was coming from school and he said he wanted to speak with me, so I went to speak with him.

We talked over things and he promised that he would change, but he never did. I can't ask him to do anything and he would feel free to help me.

I go to work and when I come home, I have to cook dinner for him. Sometimes I was so tired, and if I asked him to cook, he would ask, " who should cook?"

So I asked him if he really wanted me to go to work and come back home to cook, while he is not doing anything.

When I started to argue, he said he's trying, and I am always behaving like he's not doing anything for me.

I suggested that we should go for counselling and he said he didn't have money to waste.

To me, he doesn't want to be with me. Sigh. I just finished another course in the field of security and got my certificate, both local and international.

I sent out some applications hoping to get calls.

Pastor, please, I am asking you for your prayers and advice to move forward.


Dear X,

You should not go back to this man. If it is possible to live with your cousin, remain there and take this man to court for child support. He does not respect you.

He doesn't think highly of you. He is not a good spouse, neither is he a good father.

Regardless what he says, don't stay with him because if you do, he will get you pregnant again and make life more burdensome to you.


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