Some ‘bleachers’ are ugly

March 15, 2019

Dear Pastor,

You have the best radio show ever. One can tell his/her kids about sex, but it is how you go about it. The kids should be told that sex is good, but it can also bring shame on their family.

Black people are not cursed. The problem is that some may prefer to do bad than good. For example, a popular Jamaican artiste bleached out his skin. Maybe it was because he is not so good-looking. And, I know beautiful, brown girls who bleach their skin, and it is a shame to see how they look ugly now.


Dear J,

Some people don't realise that they are making big mistakes by bleaching. Sometimes I see men on the street with washrags or towel on their heads, trying to hide their faces from the sun. You consider lots of the young, beautiful, Jamaican girls who bleach to be ugly. I am sure they did not intend to spoil their natural beauty, but they were trying lighten their complexion, and in doing so, they spoiled their natural beauty.

Concerning sex education, that is a gradual process. Children must be taught from early the purpose of sex, etc. It's an awesome responsibility that adults have to undertake.


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