These women only think about themselves

March 15, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have written to you before about my previous relationship, and I have recovered and moved on.

Basically, in my entire life, I have been trying to be good towards women and to respect them.

But it seems as if the women I keep running into, or choosing, only think about themselves. I have been dating this woman for the past two years and from the time I met her, I realised that she's an extremely secretive person.

I saw a lot of red flags when we started, but I still put away my ego and tried to see if things would change.

I am currently working two jobs and I have to be providing for my family. The time I have to give is not much, but when I do, I give it to her.

For the first year, I realised that we didn't have anything in common, so I tried to create something, but it just didn't work.


She attends college. I won't say her name or which school, but I have been taking care of this woman out of love.

I take her to work and school almost every day, buying her food, and if she has a problem I will do my very best to resolve it; basically, everything a good person does.

I always jump to help her without thinking, and all I wanted in return was respect, love and to a certain extent, for her to feel the same way.

The relationship was up and down until she told me she was unhappy and she wanted to let me go after everything I had been doing. There is more to this story that I have to say.

I would also like a response and your prayers. I also have something to say to both males and females.

I know sometimes it's hard to see who is real from unreal, but I am asking you people if someone truly loves you and shows it with everything in them, please don't take them for granted.

Don't take advantages of them or even hurt them. If you don't feel the same way, just tell them the truth; don't pretend for years, tricking the person.

Time is very important. The outcome by doing these things will affect the next person that comes in.


Dear P.B.,

You write as someone who is sorry for himself. Every woman you meet has not been good to you. According to you, you are putting out all the efforts and these women have not given anything in return.

Perhaps the advice that you are giving to everyb ody, you should take for yourself. No one is perfect. Everybody has faults.

I get the impression that you believe that you are a perfect person, and even this last woman with whom you had a relationship has not yet come to realise that she is los ing, or she has lost, a good thing.

Perhaps you need to change your attitude towards women. I believe if you were to do so, you would see women in a different light. I wish you well.


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