My boyfriend likes to lick my armpit

March 22, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. When I don't get THE STAR to read, I feel miserable. I am 23 years old, and from the time I learned to read and write, I have been reading your column. I don't know my father. I grew up with my mother and grandmother. My grandmother used to read your column every night. She enjoyed reading two things - the Bible and your column. Whenever she reads your column and she likes your answer, she would laugh and say: "Pastor nuh easy."

My grandmother passed away when I was 17. My mother said she didn't want any man to come and interfere with me, so she did not have any man live with us. But I suspected that my mother had a boyfriend. She used to go out and come home late into the night, and sometimes I was all alone. When I turned 18, I got involved with a guy, and I introduced him to my mother. She told me that she liked him, but she also said that soldier men hardly keep one woman. That relationship ended last year because he was a mama's boy. Everything we talked about, he told his mother.

I have another boyfriend now. He does some weird things, and that is the reason why I am writing you to ask you if this is normal. I love him, but I believe that he is going to make himself sick. I asked him if what he does to me is what he did to other women and he said yes. After I shave my armpits, he would ask me not to wear any deodorant. He would lick underneath my arm all night if I allow him. He sucks it as how a baby would suck breasts. I asked him how he feels when he does that, and he said that he feels nice.

Pastor, is this normal? He does other things that are so weird, but that one used to tickle me at first. However, I am so accustomed to it, it doesn't tickle me anymore.


Dear G.S.,

What you have described seems to be a fetish. It is indeed weird. The behaviour of your lover seems to surprise you, but there are some men who love to lie down with a woman and to smell her armpit. Your boyfriend does not only want to play with it, but he also likes to lick it, and he does so for a long time. He is turned on sexually by your armpit. It stimulates him.

Some women like to smell their own sweaty armpit, and they love when their men are sweaty. They prefer to have sex with them before the men take their shower. Fetishism comes in many forms. I do not believe that your boyfriend will become ill by smelling, sucking and licking your armpit. But, you may wish to discuss that with a medical doctor.


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