Women need attention

March 22, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I see that you have responded to my email, and I appreciate that. I agree with some parts of your message, but I also disagree with some parts. I am not a perfect individual, but I know how to respect people, especially females because I was taught to respect ladies.

I know spending time is very important in a relationship. Spending money and giving gifts is not enough and will not make anybody happy. But what I give is what I have to offer.

Partners are supposed to be understanding and work with their partners, not thinking about themselves only. If I wasn't working and giving her 24/7 attention, I know for a fact that she would complain and say: "You can't get a job or help me with my bills, etc."

There must be a reason why I stayed with her for that time, knowing the situation.


Dear P.B.,

Work on your relationship and stop complaining about your girlfriend and women in general. See the good in your woman and congratulate her from time to time. She would appreciate you if you learn to be tolerant and not critical of her.


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