Women need to have children

April 10, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I started feeding my children with green callaloo stalks and carrots. And throughout their lives, there was nothing to them like callaloo and carrot. Children live what they learn. My children are not let-go beasts, neither are their parents' goats.

The greatest desire of a woman is to fulfil her natural calling, which is procreation of a living human being, and having a male who will satisfy her physical needs and give her security. Neocolonisation targets women, socialising them with romance, the worship of money, goods, styles and fashions, which men are forced to support physically and financially.

On the average, most Jamaican women spend lots of their income on these things.


Dear V.,

You are fortunate that your children did not resent eating callaloo and carrots every day. You taught them from early that these things are nutritious and good for them.

Women have their role to play in society, and procreation is one of them. It is indeed a very high role because if one should really think about it, as powerful as men think they are, they cannot give birth to a child. That is a role specially ordained to a woman, and men will never feel the special joy that a woman receives from having a child. But, neither could a woman experience the joy of fatherhood.

A man must play his role as a father. That means he should support his wife. He should also honour and love her as "his own flesh." Just as a woman will never be able to be a man, a man could never be a woman although he may foolishly try. A man is uniquely a man, and a woman is uniquely a woman. God has ordained life that way for the benefit of the human race and for His glory.


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