Best friend terrorising her ex’s new woman

April 11, 2019

Dear Pastor,

This is my first time writing to you. I'm a female in my mid-20s. I'm in a spot where I'm trying to prevent a disaster from happening.

While working at a hotel on the north coast, I met this young woman who trained me.

I had training for four weeks but had no cash, and when I was on my second week, I decided that I was going to quit because I did not have taxi fare.

This young woman saw me in the town two hours after I finished working and asked why I wasn't home. I told her that I was waiting on a ride. She wasn't convinced, and she wouldn't leave.

I eventually broke down and told her that I would not continue to work because I couldn't find fare. She gave me $1,000 that night to go home and told me that whenever I need fare, I should tell her.

From that night, whenever she makes tips, she gives me everything without my asking. She even gave me a recommendation and I got the job.

I will forever be grateful to this person who God sent when I was at my lowest.

Now, a couple of years later, I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. My best friend is trying to wreak havoc with this woman. She was with this woman's ex-boyfriend.

She was with him for his money and she would terrorise this woman on her phone. At that time, my best friend had a boyfriend who, she said, was mean and only wanted to put her up on his social media because she is sexy.

Now my best friend's ex is still with this woman and they have a nine-month-old child together. Things are going great for them. They have acquired a lot and my best friend is jealous.

She says her ex-boyfriend is always contacting her and she is throwing it in his present woman's face.

She would screenshot anything that looks like the guy is messaging her and send it to his woman.


My best friend would call the woman's phone and curse her out, telling her that the guy doesn't want her. She also says that the guy said that the child is not his and it was a mistake.

My best friend even went to the woman's ex-boyfriend, trying to get him to contact her so that she could go and tell the woman's present boyfriend that she was still talking to her ex.

She wants the guy to break up with his girlfriend so they can get back together.

The woman who helped me has been ignoring my best friend but, recently, she called my best friend and told her that she needs to stop calling and texting her.

The woman is quiet, but if you push her to the limit she will fight you. I saw that with my own eyes. Five girls kept messing with her and she avoided them; then one day she fought all five of them, putting two in the hospital with stab wounds.

I'm afraid if she gets hold of my best friend, she might hurt her badly.

She is really happy that she has a child. She told me she wants to see her child grow up, with the help of God. She does not know that my best friend is the person terrorising her.

I spoke with my best friend, trying to convince her to leave this woman alone. I'm tempted to tell this guy the full story but I'm scared, as I don't know if he will let my best friend know I told him. What should I do?


Dear T.B.,

This woman that you called your best friend is not a good person and I am won dering why you consider such a girl as your best friend.

I am afraid that if you keep this woman as a best friend, it doesn't say much about your character.

Folks would think that you are just like her. So, my suggestion is that you end this close friendship that you have had with her, and tell her why.

Do so now, and please choose your friends wisely. It is not everybody who wants to be your friend that you should accept.


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